Photography Expeditions

<img src="best photo tour motorhome  camperan offbeat night photography.jpeg" alt="caravan campervan vacationcovid19 corona safe soft adventure overlanding holiday onboard overland truck vanlife wilderness best for night photography at pushkar jaisalmer rajasthan kutch ladakh india">   

Photo-shoot in remote area of rural Rajasthan, made possible with Taurus, hosted with best logistics.

India is a stunning gallery yearning to be captured. I have long been a zealous nature lover and passionate travel photographer of this enigmatic subject matter. Green Dot Expeditions offers a unique opportunity to elucidate both these mysteries: Photography in India. Seamlessly, Green Dot Expeditions takes you deep into the richly textured and evocatively painted  landscapes of India. It is here where your photography can develop into the third dimension and even into the fourth with the vast experience and intimate knowledge of the Team of GDE.

With unsurpassed synergy, Green Dot Expeditions lets you immerse, discover and create your zenith and uttermost in nature photography. It brings together the magic, the master and the means into a single space and time to realise your full potential.
Immerse yourself to feel it, breathe it, taste it, and live it so as to capture it entirely. Discover light, landscape, culture, people and true self. Create release, grace, harmony, perpetuity and ultimately what is beautiful; both inside and out.
You get only one life, Green Dot Expeditions enables you to seize it and love it. That’s why!

All activities concerning our `nature conservation education and that of the Snake Cell are supported with the funds raised through our own earnings by conducting special interest tours, which are professionally managed.


To know more about our tours, please visit GREEN DOT EXPEDITIONS 

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