The SHIKARGAH – abode of SILENCE and home for SOUL …

A wide view of the location, with no habitation in close proximity. Terraced fields and wonderful unobstructive view of Sutlej river and mountains. One can see Thanedar, Kandaghat, Kumarsen and few other villages, at night these offer a view of Milkyway below horizon.

Tale of Treasure Hunt of SHIKARGAH …

Shikargah Avinash taking walk_IMG20170430083037

The SHIKARGAH – Hunter’s Lodge is located in the middle of terraced fields, an absolutely peaceful place with unique ‘SILENCE’. An ideal place for meditation, yoga, to rejuvenate and relish the best supply of oxygen – to enhance few years of healthy life.

Holidays are much needed to break the monotony of grind of life while working to earn living. To keep physical and mental status in top order one needs to bust monotony of the daily grind.  Weekends do break the monotony but these are in the same concrete jungles where we are entrapped by our jobs and business; polluted with noise and smoke, crowded more than tolerable limits. It gets on to one’s nerves and one needs change of place and away from base.
Some people love going to same place time and again, as long as it offers nice location and basic logistics taken care by someone else. Every soul yearns for different experience than routine or the ones to which not used-to in day to day life. Most people today, even those who are used to city comforts, want to experience rustic life in a village setting or in the lap of nature where there is green cover, there is water body and weather is nice, won’t mind settling with basic amenities and comforts overlooked for experience. .
Summers, for obvious reasons, push people to the hills where they experience what they don’t have something in their concrete jungle and nice weather. I tagged along my friend and his wife in their Pajero, they were heading on holiday and I thought of exploiting the opportunity to do reccee for Taurus.

Village style architecture in the middle of terraced field with mild and pleasant climate. PLEASE CLICK ON THE IMAGE for larger view.

While we were proceeding to Kinnaur and beyond on reccee trip, with a night halt at Thandhar in a small camp of Avinash, I got an opportunity to visit the Shikargah while driving along cherry trees and apple orchards.

SHIKARGAH has been Hunter’s Lodge of a family where a Himachali family (owners) used to come on weekends and enjoy hunting to make merry. Also visited the property to oversee the progress of agriculture which was looked after by their staff, as the family lived in a village about 35 kms. Somehow with time things changed and the family’s visits reduced to once in few weeks and then to once in few months; elders who were well versed with agriculture grown old and some faded away forever, the young moved to cities seeking jobs and got trapped by the illusion of materialistic world. And this beautiful place became sort of abandoned; sad life took away the luxury of living healthy life from this family and their life got restricted to the village and closeby towns.

Tea Time at Shikargah S_IMG20170430092247

Having morning tea with this view in a totally rustic setting is an experience beyond words. With a view of famous river Satluj and clouds, ROMANCING WITH RAIN GOD.

Morning Tea time is a ritual at the Shikargah, we have variety of tea and we organise your tea (on demand) at different spots here with the best view. Enjoying the view and rain while sipping tea in the ‘varandah’ (balcony), is soul stirring.
I fell in love; owner’s son Avinash couldn’t believe my reaction to it, for once he thought I am off my head. That made me also think about myself that I could be off my usual wisdom. I know I am a bushman and when I love I just love it and need not to be convinced by others for myself. But when I started dreaming to offer a homestay here then I thought that I may love it but others may not, therefore to confirm and be reassured I rushed to my friend to tell the story about this treasure hunt. My friend and his wife were camping around 45 kms away. Since, we were all scheduled to leave for Sangla Valley, we could not visit to make an assessment together if it will suit for a homestay.
Breakfast S_IMG20170430090804

Breakfast time in a setting which is so simple makes us realise that we don;t need 5 Star to enjoy life, its the setting and the company and the logistical support by your host.

Captain Sitting outside_IMG20170428173033

Captain Suresh Sharma enjoying the environment which offers amazing feeling filled with SILENCE & OXYGEN, hard to get these two things in cities. What matters is these two things and basic food to rejuvenate and to make your soul dance to the tunes played by Mother Nature…

We camped for 2 nights next to a jungle in Sangla Valley and instead of heading for Spiti Valley, we decided to change our bearings for Narkanda or Chindi, as the road was damaged. And decided to take a good look at the SHIKARGAH for 2 hours. Till now they had only seen basic photos and could visualise with my narrative only. On arrival at the Shikargah, it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT for my friend and his wife. The plan to spend 2 hours got converted into 2 nights as my friend and his wife were convinced that it’s the place which will offer what is completely missing in day to day life of theirs.
We were carrying our cooking setup and enjoyed dinner together.
Now, I am in the process of getting this place to run a rustic homestay for those who want a place where silence and peace are in abundance.
It’s a place for your soul to enjoy silence, oxygen for your lungs and meditation for your brain to get wiser! 

Experiencing the morning sun which falls right on your face when you get up – is to relish for life! On our reccee and assessment trip, we loved to sleep in the varandah with wooden floor. One needs different setting to enjoy life and its all that simple what matter …