We often get requests for the membership to join the Snake Cell. We do not have any provision for membership as yet, as we have not registered ourselves as an NGO (non government organisation). Our belief in this regard, is quite different which means if anyone who is serious about Nature Conservation efforts/ contribution and the issue is closer to one’s heart,  doesn’t need any membership or fancy tags to join hands. So, all are welcome to contribute with their talents, i.e. computer knowledge and skills (software and hardware), painting, sketching, electronics, anything which can help Snake Cell for its activities.

Indian Volunteers

However, we run a special programme for those people who love to work and gain experience with the Snake Cell. Write to us, we need volunteers when we organise programmes in schools, colleges, or wherever we are requested by public.

Foreign Volunteers

We have a programme for foreign volunteers to work with the Snake Cell in India. If you wish to work with us, we welcome you for snake rescue operations, education programmes in schools, colleges, villages etc. If you wish to be part of the Snake Cell, you are welcome. Also, it gives you an opportunity to visit different places in India, for which one pays hefty sum as a tourist to a tour operator, otherwise. In our case, you will be charged a reasonable fee which includes your food and stay with the Snake Cell, part of which would go to the Snake Cell, @ US$ 2500 per person for 30 days which includes basic stay and Indian food. More details could be furnished, once you write to us.

 a). Education Programmes: We often do street programmes, visit schools & colleges, villages etc. In the past, programmes have been done at medical colleges, business management institutes, army units, national parks, forest department etc. You could be one of the speakers for such programmes or help in coordinating the programme.

c) Development of Audio Visual Programmes: You may help us develop audio visual programmes i.e. multimedia, computer work, photography of snakes, display material (posters, stickers), photography, etc.


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