Capt Suresh and rajbir Filming a Snake

Myself and my Wife are shooting a rat snake for our snake education program.

Capt Suresh Sharma: Team Leader: I am the founder of the Snake Cell and Green Dot Expeditions; one of those lucky few who got introduced to the wonders of nature while yet a toddler. My father used to take me out to the nearby jungle patch for morning walks everyday and I have kept in touch with nature to this day and it is now a passion with me. My love for nature, photography and travel got me to join the Indian army, which took me to all corners of India and abroad. But I left the army to pursue my hobbies and passions, whole time to live on my terms like a free bird.

I have been associated with wildlife film projects including two for the National Geographic Society, USA. With talents & skills in numerous fields, I have been able to develop expertise in designing and fabrication of natural history sets for shooting wildlife films, under controlled conditions. I also design cine support equipment for wildlife filming. My sole mission is `Nature Conservation Through Photography & Tourism’.

To make these projects worth while, I have been escorting photo safaris and special interest tours in India fro the past 20 years. Also, I design and manufactures souvenirs with wildlife motifs to raise funds for the Snake Cell. To know more about  me … Click 

Dr Rajbir Kaur Sharma: Co-Team Leader: Rajbir Kaur, my wife, is a qualified homeopath by profession. She teamed up with me   to accomplish our mission to educate people about snakes, basically `SAVING INNOCENT SNAKES, IGNORANT PEOPLE’. She looks after the fund-raising activities, logistics, administration and is very active field-member of the team, co-ordinates the programs of the Snake Cell.

When most Indian women either work in a well protected environment, secured job or just lookafter the family. Here is a lady who shall be center spot of attraction by all the young ladies of India to look up to. In spite of being a doctor, she has chosen to be an outdoor woman, homemaker, nature conservation through education (via snakes) and travelled in caravan with me. Rajbir had the courage to travel in caravan when our first baby Sukhmani got only 40 days old.  She is part of every activity which is undertaken here. She is well known for grooming our two wonderful kids.

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