Our Vehicle – Backbone of Snake cell

KINGCOBRA … our darling …

One of the major hurdles, the Snake Cell faced in the early days, was of a suitable means of transport to reach people for its programmes. All that we had was one scooter, which proved inappropriate to meet the requirements of carting caravanfamilyoutdoorimg_9096.jpgequipment like computer, LCD projector, electric generator, literature, souvenirs and other support material to venues. We were forced to hire or borrow vehicles, which at the best of times, proved to be inconvenient, inefficient, expensive and unsatisfactory arrangement. When we realized the need for having our own vehicle for the Snake Cell, no commercial bank was willing to give us loan, as the activities of this project did not fit into ‘commercial activities’ which could generate money to repay the loan.  After much persuasion and cajoling, the Indus Ind Bank, agreed to extend us a loan, @ 18.6%  (true, hold your eyebrows). We struggled hard to raise the seed money through sales of souvenirs and organising special interest tours. Thus came into the life of the Sanke Cell, our beloved “Kingcobra” , a  Tempo Traveller (A Mercedes Transporter in its last incarnation), converted like a motorhome, which proved to be of   immense help in providing logistic support to all our outstation activities. To facilitate our outreach programmes, it would be fitted with projector, electric generator, drinking water supply and public address system, etc.

Long live Kingcobra !

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