Rajbir with NCC Cadets.Snake

Present Activities

  1. Educating people about snakes and their role in ecological balance, how to handle a situation if a snake is sighted in inhabited areas.
  2. How to deal with a snakebite case i.e. first-aid – workshops on snakebite and snake handling.
  3. We conduct street shows to educate people. It includes lectures about snakes and snakebite, question answer session to clear the myths & doubts of people, on the spot quiz program with prizes, etc.
  4. `SAVING INNOCENT SNAKES, IGNORANT PEOPLE’; people call the Snake Cell to seek help to remove snakes from houses, factories, offices etc.Snake Talk film Show S

Future Activities

We are planning for the following activities in future:

  1. Publish literature about snakes and snakebite (first-aid poster, leaflets, and a booklet‘Know About Snakes and Snakebite’ is in progress, for general public); containing useful information about venomous snakes.
  2. Also, listing the local doctors and hospitals that could handle snakebite cases.
  3. Interpretation center with its own open-air film theater to educate people about nature conservation and to conduct workshops.
  4. Develop snake handling equipment/ contraptions and make it available for the general public.
  5. Network for snake-handlers: develop a network and bring all the snake handlers in the country together, basically to train them to become a force to disseminate and exchange valuable info and experiences, to use it as an effective tool for nature conservation education.
  6. Train more snake handlers, to carry forward the mission of the Snake Cells all, over the country.
  7. Networking and workshops for doctors to develop and exchange information about snakebite.
  8. Audio visual programs: develop audio visual programs to educate people about nature conservation and to remove fear, myths, superstitions, misconceptions etc. about animals.
  9. Snakebite treatment facilities: Persuade the government to set up an exclusive clinic for snakebite cases. But in the short term, develop a panel of doctors who could be available `on-call’ in case of a snakebite case and the Snake Cell to co-ordinate the whole operation of directing the patient and alerting the doctors.
  10. Produce a film about snakebite to educate poor people in rural India.

Service Offered by The Snake Cell

Free Service


Capt Suresh Sharma delivering lecture at Indian Institute of Management, Ahemedabad, India.

1. Lectures in Schools & Colleges: These are FREE of cost in and around Chandigarh. In case, its for an organisation, then we only charge for the rental of equipment i.e. computer, digital projector, transport, software etc.

2. Snake Rescue: Its `free of cost’ in and around Chandigarh, 24 hours a day. People call us directly and the Police Control Room of Chandigarh, phone 100, then call is redirected to us.

NOTICE: Our snake rescue service has been suspended in Haryana State, as the behaviour of the Chief Wildlife Warden of Haryana, Mr Manas, was unbecoming conduct of an officer. It may be resumed after he is transfered to some other post and we are formally requested by the department.



Paid Services

1. Outstation Programmes: Our outstation programmes are charged, only to reimburse the expenses of the Snake Cell i.e. vehicle maintenance, literature, lodging & boarding, etc. And no fee is charged for the efforts of the team.

2. Snake Quiz in progress sSurvey Of Houses: In the past, we have been doing survey of houses, FREE of COST, and advise people about how to make their houses, sort of snake-free by denying snakes a free entry into houses. But now keeping in mind two factors, one – since it has been free so no one ever bothered to take action on the report submitted, after having invested our valuable time and expertise for the survey of houses; second – keeping in mind that most of the residents if the Tri-City can afford it easily and why not add it to the source of raising funds for the Snake Cell. The fee would be determined on the spot, depending on the size of the house and various other factors.


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