• It is very hard to make an evident assessment about the substantial effectiveness of our sincere efforts which have been pursued with a missionary zeal selflessly. But one thing is very clear that before the advent of the Snake Cell, there used to be concocted and spicy stories, doing rounds as hot news, in the best of the newspapers and magazines of the region. Now, we are glad that in the beginning of every summer, most of the leading newspapers do one or more stories, related about snakes to educate people, based on facts and not by those who spin `cocktail stories’. And the Snake Cell is referred by the press, before any such article is published. We are very glad that we have been able to bring truth forward about this subject, which has be laced with myths only.
  • Now, if people confront a snake at their premises, their first preference is to call the Snake Cell to rescue the snake.  As they know, we will rehabilitate it in the wild, unharmed. Most would like to save snakes as an animal, which has also got right to live.
  • Soon after, the snake is rescued, a lecture is delivered to the captive audience about snakes and snakebite. Everyone  pays attention, as it could be their premises, anytime thereafter.

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