Fountain-Head of My Life …  and … My passions…

Myself at Kas (near Satara), Maharashtra

Myself at Kas (near Satara), Maharashtra. Photo: Dhairyasheel Dayal

Photography has taken me on an exhilarating journey for over three decades now; has exposed about life and it’s pleasures through this art of modern times and learnt immensely about the hidden treasure of happiness in Life. Photography has seen stages of hibernation and super active period as well in my life. I have never forced myself to pursue it as compulsive hobby; I do it purely for my soul!

Somehow, for reasons unknown to me as of now, photography has come here to stay in my life. I pursue this `art with light’ purely for my soul. I have not yet worn the cap of a professional or commercial photographer, I think I am still very far.  May be I am not cut for that, I strongly believe now that He has assigned me to spread ‘GOODNESS’ through photography and tourism, which shall make the society a better place to live. Yes, some of my images have been sold over internet as a routine, no concrete marketing effort has been yet invested to sell images, never planned so far. Though, unpretentiously, I have thought about exploiting this art and the skill to raise funds for the cause of the snakes.

Photography has certainly changed my perception towards life, humanity, my country, culture, etc.  It has made me more humble and patient. Also, it helps me freeze moments, create artistic images, capture holidays, extend respect to others; of course loads of fun for myself as it recharges my soul. Photography has helped me significantly to contribute towards `conservation’ as well.

I have treaded a mesmerising road with Light … when I look back, I love every moment of this exhilarating journey … 


I started dabbling with camera way back in my college days. My first camera was Bunny made by Agfa and thereafter it was all borrowed cameras as I could not afford to buy . But then there was a break when I joined the Indian army, for my job demanded more concentration and energy to make my foundation as an army officer. An army officer’s job demands a lot in the early years to establish oneself as a ‘leader’. And I loved my army uniform more than anything and everything, even my religion. In fact, my uniform became my `religion’, nothing was above my uniform. But then the lure of freedom was so strong that I hung my boots to swap with `jungle boots’ and photographer’s jacket and  it turned me into a `bush man’ with camera. There was one more reason to hang my boots, I had lived my short span of a soldierly life filled with action as IPKF soldier in Sri lanka, to say that I had done my soldierly to the hilt. I roamed around like a free bird, did things which had no selfish reason, only one – ENJOY LIFE …its one

  • Snake Photography by Capt Suresh Sharma

    Myself, Photographing a Russell’s Viper

    Snakes, flowers, Indian Army, Indian Airforce, people etc.

  • Worked on two National Geographic films, as a team member.

  • I have been lucky to have been invited to deliver lectures about photography, caravan travelling in India, snakes and nature conservation at some of the best places in India.

  • My passion for photography has got me `privileged access’ to  the Army, Indian Air Force, paramilitary forces, wildlife department etc. Which I love. And never asked for money; I get something which money alone can’t get me, priceless happiness of my soul …

I have been lucky to have worked as main photographer for the two prestigious coffee table books.

Coffee Table for the Indian Army

Coffee Table for the Indian Army

Book Release alongwith The Chief of  the Indian Air Force .

Book Release along with The Chief of the Indian Air Force .

Coffee Table - MiG 21

Coffee Table – MiG 21

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