Wedded a New Passion – Barbecue Cooking

When they call you insane while you are pursuing any passion, hobby or work, then you are on the right path, I strongly feel. Keep enjoying your ways as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. You get wedded to something when you start enjoying it wholeheartedly. About three years ago I got married to Weber Grill, yes you heard it right, this ‘female’ who won my heart instantaneously, don’t be surprised if I say that many have done that in the past. Though there is only one lady in my life who has partnered with me to weave a wonderful world around, that’s Dr Rajbir Kaur my wife. But then there are things which help you keep your this world enchanted i.e. cameras, caravans, tools, etc. One should  be passionate about things which make one’s own personal world accelerated and  exhilarating – buy the best within means, learn how to use to the best of your ability, learn to maintain it in pristine state so it charms you to keep your life bubbled. 

Myself Cooking with new Weber Q3200 Barbecue Grill on the banks of the River Indus in Ladakh

Weber Barbecue Grill is one such thing which changed my life and added one more tool to help me to explore life and happiness. It opened my eyes to see barbecue world differently when I was accidentally one of the guests at a friend’s place where he deployed his newly bought Weber Grill and I never knew the existence of this brand, even being world’s No.1. It was “love at first sight” – the design and built beauty of the equipment won my heart in a blink. But I was held back from buying thinking that it is of no use to me being a vegetarian; for we all are told in India that barbecue is the privilege of non-veg only. I started dreaming of Weber like a young man would do after seeing a pretty girl. The pull of this sexy looking and world’s No. 1 grill was so strong that within two days I decided to buy Weber Grill and I placed an  order for the best and the ‘hottest model’, as I was leaving for Ladakh next morning. At this point of time, though my total bank balance was Rs 35k and I paid Rs 30k to Weber rep who came to deliver the grill. But I was given a half-heartedly demo, probably as if he was in a rush to pick up his girl-friend from roadside and that left me with no idea how to exploit it fully. We drove to Ladakh next morning with the new hot model onboard.

Not that I am a rich man by any standards, I don’t have even my own house. Its the careful management of things around me and the life that I am able to do that I love doing, not many are lucky. There is one more reason, I can make clear decisions and remain focused as long I can derive pleasure out of it. I dream and keep dreams alive till either these are fulfilled or get outdated and die their natural death. But I don’t strangulate my dreams, even when I can’t afford. I have far too many dreams to be fulfilled than what I can afford, but I don’t lose sleep over it nor I go overboard to work harder to earn more so I can fulfill all my dreams, in any case I can’t work harder than what I am doing now, as you all know. I have a long list of dreams. I have been dreaming to buy a microlight aircraft to fly like a free bird, since 1989, till date I am happy collecting brochures only. I have been dreaming to buy Dremel tool kit since 1985, now about to get (a friend has assured) one for my son.

I would like to add one caution here “Don’t chase your dreams like a mad man, do it passionately and focused”. When you do this like a mad man you are bound to chase money with throttle and in the bargain you will overlook ethics and relationships, it can prove to be self destructive fatal. 

Soon after I finish my usual lectures, which vary from snakes to photography to outdoor life in caravans, I always face one standard question – Sir, what do you do? My reply is “I am trying to enjoy life”. Most people laugh or give that smile with a wink and think what big deal. Ironically that’s a big deal for the most. Because everyone wants to do that but sadly the simple formula is elusive for the most, almost for 98%. It’s amazingly simple – first if you can’t be happy with small things in your life then true happiness is going to be elusive forever. Second make an assessment of what you have as resource and energy and what you want, strike a balance. Most important is “make your assessment about WHAT YOU NEED. Things go wrong when the balance goes off. I myself have limited resources, mostly I live life of a cliffhanger financially everyday. So I decided not to waste my money on flashy curtains and aristocratic furniture i.e. my curtains are of my bachelor days almost 22 years old, my center table was bought for Rs 165 in August 2000 soon after my marriage. You do that and I am sure most of you may face imminent threat of divorce and here my wife has never even bothered on such issues, we never even discussed. She is such a wonderful partner to enjoy this life that she has never asked me to replace the curtains, no demands of jewelry, no demand of dining table, we don’t have anything of usual standard furniture which every Indian home has. So, where is the catch – I got married to a wonderful human being not her degrees, her beauty, money, powerful well to do family, her salary, etc. Most people at young age take one wrong decision and their life goes on tangent forever, that’s their marriage, when they come across at this junction of life. And that’s the end of your happiness, which Capt Suresh enjoys everyday, don’t envy now, just take a ride on his Taurus and get a feel of it. I won’t say it’s too late for you or you missed the bus, yes you missed the right bus of course! Now it will take quite an effort to get back to tread my path. I am sure you understand that? One thing is certain that if I can do it then anyone can do it. 

The only furniture we have at home is 4 tiny chairs from my bachelor days, now new addition is camping chairs from Decathlon which have been spread in the house and when Taurus moves out these leave home and back after a few months. We don’t host parties and the friends who visit us don’t care what kind of furniture we have.  

But when it comes to Taurus and any kind of equipment, especially for outdoors and to equip Taurus then its the best we can afford, otherwise we wait for months and years to raise the money when we can afford to buy. We have still not bought a microwave oven in last 20 years of our marriage, now realised it’s a blessing in disguise by accident, eating healthy food without the oven. 

So I  bought Weber Grill Q 3200 after waiting for two year almost, lots of deliberation, and fell in love with it and started cooking and it taught me that mostly in India are not aware about how to cook on barbecue, most people cook unhealthy non-veg on barbecue (will share later in other post). When I moved few steps ahead and learnt that I was not exploiting the world class Grill, and then I contacted Weber HQ in Delhi to find out if they had any training material for novices like me. And I was pleasantly surprised they have Weber Grill Academy at Delhi. My one day at the Grill Academy was an eye opener trust me. I learnt that there are hundreds of things and recipes to cook vegetarian food on Weber Barbecue Grill and I discovered that is equally good for veggies. Till then, I understood that vegetarian barbecue means ‘paneer tikka’ and potatoes. Mr Melwin Ruben opened a whole new world for me.

Now its my new passion and also to lookafter the guests of Taurus – India’s First Overland Truck, being a true Indian I treat them as gods. 

Don’t waste your effort, energy and hard earned money to please people! Focus on yourself but be caring about the nation and society and people around, NOT to be selfish, life will be good to you.

One more thing, my dreams are now woven around necessities and needs, especially for Taurus and its MISSION: NATURE CONSERVATION THROUGH TOURISM & PHOTOGRAPHY. This also helps me make my dreams turn true. In young age one’s dreams are woven around own life and only own happiness, then when one joins a job then its around one’s job, and when one gets married then one must also know one’s responsibilities and one must not weave dreams outside the primary responsibilities. This is the reason why I have mentioned that “marriage” has quite a significance in one’s life. This is the secret to be happy.

If you wish to take a swig of exhilarating life, we don’t mind sharing with you ... here is the Link 


Taurus deployed on the banks of the Indus River, Ladakh


Weber Grill deployed at Sonmarg

Weber Grill deployed at Sonmarg; Kashmir


Weber Barbecue Grill 


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