Wisdom not Formal Education … way to GOOD LIFE …

TAURUS – the most unusual and 1st overland truck of India, anchored on the banks of River Raavi, offering best family holidays for binding and best nomadic life experience of lifetime, beyond words.

NOMADIC LIFE is one of the best ways to groom your child. Travel is the best book!

Very often, in fact more than often, I am confronted by a routine question by the most who meet me “CAPTAIN HOW DO YOU MANAGE SUCH WONDERFUL LIFESTYLE”… My reply is: I have no magic wand, neither I am that rich (live on the edge everyday), neither that clever nor much educated to earn big money. I use basic wisdom for my life. Travel and outdoor life is one of the best ways to educate your kids for better life. 

Yesterday, we were visited by a very dear friend and his wife (met first time) and their young daughter. Basically, the couple are bitten by the bug of wanderlust and wish to pursue their hobbies and have been doing so! But at the same time still feeling burdened and haunted by their “unfulfilled dreams”. The discussions unfolded and got stretched into unending talks and exchange of views, till they were reminded by their watch to leave for Delhi.

What I feel strongly and see every day, the worldly bindings have clipped  wings of the most people and many dreamy flights remain on the map forever. This leads to desperation leading to frustration and sometimes makes one envious and jealous of their friends.

First and foremost, one must do one’s duties towards the family, society and job as well on priority. REMEMBER no one has fulfilled one’s all dreams 100%, not even the most successful and richest from Ambanis to Bill gates to Steve Jobs.

To be happy, very important is to learn how to be happy with what one has and how to aspire for the unfulfilled dreams. BE HAPPY WITH WHAT ONE HAS … BUT DON’T STOP DREAMING … Its a tight rope walk which needs a bit of ‘reeyaaz’ (organised practice); if a small kid can perform on a tightrope then anyone can do in real life too. One of the biggest hurdles to lead good life is to worry too much, being over cautious, too much of planning also is no good. Very rightly said by Steve Jobs of Apple ” STAY FOOLISH, STAY HUNGRY” … I leave it to you to explore this line further yourself, it has sea-deep meaning. In nutshell – too much  of planning and digging and worrying over issues which may and may not occur in future, we ruin our present and keep our dreams in freezers only.

TAURUS the most unique infrastructure for outdoors. Its best for FAMILY HOLIDAYS to strengthen bonding.

The ART OF ENJOYING LIFE  doesn’t come with formal education. Since, I don’t travel to cities and touristy destinations, I get to explore the rural India more and have really encountered the ‘real life’ from very close and it has opened my eyes wider. I learnt and got convinced that even most of the PhDs and IITs and best MBAs have failed to understand the ‘essence of real life’. I find illiterate villagers much wiser than the educated. One’s top class education may secure good job and good money and that can buy lots of comfort in life but not the ‘real happiness’. I understand that MONEY IS NEXT TO GOD in power… but don’t ever chase it, just chase your work (whatever you do) passionately as if it’s your hobby. The understanding of real Life is beyond the realm of materialistic life and formal education. 

I have heard almost every traveller for incubating dreams to travel in a personal caravan or RV. My reply has been simple and straightforward – if I can do it then anyone can do it. One can’t dream for everything around what all your friends have got. Set your priorities right as per your capacity and capabilities.

Sadly, in first place most people are mostly lost and then are pseudo travellers and have no clue of the vagaries of real travel, it needs no formal education – JUST TRAVEL AND LEARN. Be open to learn from anyone. Mostly these modern travellers can only talk and spin yarns but won’t take one step out of their ‘comfort zone’ to learn or try it out. 

Expose your children with the real chores of real life and not the “fake world”. Lead them by example! This is one of the best methods. Be bold and don’t buckle under peer pressure or that of relatives! Live for yourself, not that to be selfish, celebrate your own life and be help to your friends and relatives when they need you, as well. Usually, we end up making such birthdays and family events for others with pomp and show; whereas these can be learning exercises for the family. I have most people trying to make it ‘public relations’ activities for the promotion of their family business or to earn good status in the society. We have never celebrated our birthdays in formal ways, it has always been a family event or with one or two friends of our children. We have never lived life to impress others. We do send our children to attend birthday parties of their friends so they learn about social life as well and are not left out. We invest our quality time on our kids, we discuss and talk and plan their birthdays; we be their advisor and consultants and let them enjoy their life. We convince them through a few casual family discussions over a period of one month or so and tell them how we deny fun for ourselves and how the same money can be utilised for self instead of throwing it to the fast-food joints.

Capt Suresh Sharma involved his son at basic level while travel equipment is being serviced to set out on next voyage.

The biggest worry which kills everyone’s ‘primary dreams’ or say right to enjoy unconditioned freedom in life is the ‘false sense of security’. What about health issues if I don’t have medical insurance, and many other things. yes, one must secure basics of life. But then that can be secured if you do everything honestly and passionately.  

Having dreams and ambitions is no sin!  One of the important ‘keys’ to happy life is to have focus with priorities set right. Also, one has to know that NOTHING COMES FREE! One has to pay its price either in kind or cash, even FREEDOM is not earned for free .

Overly successful in the materialistic world may not be really wise and may not be leading good happy life. Materialistic happiness is like a mirage, more you are seeking it more you go away from reality of real life. 

The real experience of real life is not the prerogative for educated and rich, it comes to those who live with reality and that offers real wisdom. 

Picnic organised on Sukhmani’s (our daughter) birthday. It’s a learning experience for kids when such activities are organised outdoors. Usually, we end up celebrating birthdays in resorts, hotels, fast food joints, indoors at home. Keep it simple, involve your kids to organise and they love it and learn.



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