Common “MISPLACED QUOTES & CLAIMS ” by Photographers

Pushkar Cattle Fair Photographer-at-pushkar-pano_img_0223

PUSHKAR CATTLE FAIR. I have been visiting the fair since 2003. I amazed how it has become a fair where one can’t shoot camels without photographers in your frame. Thanks to digital camera boom.

No doubt digital has brought revolution in the field of photography, at the same time it has brought lots of ‘goodies and baddies’ other than giving an easy learning tool it has also given razor in the hands of monkeys as well. The deadly combination of digital cameras and internet has strangulated photography as a hobby and as well as a well-paid profession as a standalone. Now, every Tom with a camera claims to be a photographer and after few months claims to be an accomplished one.

Pursuing passion or any creative hobby is meant to give happiness but sadly photography is turning into a disease today and killing happiness of many young. Many just keep chasing photos shot by others by visiting the same location, never discover their own creativity. And then the most wanted and  most chased item is D-SLR … every ‘wanna be’ photographer wants only DSLR first and then talk about photography. Also, photography has poisoned many relationships of happily married couples, as men are busy ‘day dreaming’ for new models of cameras and then keep fueling the never ending desire to strengthen their photogear arsenal with new lenses and accessories. The over look their own life and it’s wonderful gifts. They are busy traveling remote areas in search of unique photos by overlooking their family life, denying family holidays and turning blind eye to their primary duties to their family.

I find strange quotes by photographers which they use with their photos when they want to brag about their photography. In fact, social media is all about bragging, some brag loudly with cheap language and some brag in a very polished manner. Some, love to just share their work with others quietly.

I wonder why many photographers, even accomplished and experienced ones, scream on social-media while posting their photos  “No Photoshop Used”, “Handheld”, “No Post Processing” … I am sure there must be more. Probably I don’t hobnob with bragging kinds so I won’t know about more.  The moment a photographer uses any of these, I trash them into a bin.

Photographer Sanjeev in Action_IMG_7600

PUSHKAR CATTLE FAIR. Early morning, photographers throng the cattle/camel fair ground like there is no tomorrow. Photographers chase photos to be the most unique photographer and not for their soul to enjoy it as a hobby or passion. And they wish no other photographer gets what they got. Photography has to be done in a very planned manner with calmness in your body, not by keeping in mind social media crowd.

What matters to me is how good is the photograph which has been displayed in public domain via internet or hard copy exhibition in a hall, etc. Photoshop and all other digital tricks are part of ‘post processing’. What matters is how skillfully one has used these tools to produce a piece of art. Yes, Photoshop and all other digital tools are to be used judiciously. It’s like a woman carrying 10 lipsticks but can’t use everything or even one stick has to be used wisely.

I think, only a photojournalist is not supposed to use Photoshop these days, as it has to be  reproduced as shot. Others are free to use they like either to their own taste and style or graphic designer can do unlimited use to create something with imagination. Nothing wrong in post processing, do it but wisely.

I would just simply appreciate the photo and photographer’s creativity! I don’t want to know how you shot (with tripod or handheld); same as a chef is never asked which stove and what gear was used to cook food; just good food is what is appreciated and gets well paid.


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