Me too …want to express and share

Everyone loves expressing own views and sharing about own life and its experiences, it helps oneself to grow by sharing benefits with others and also do something to contribute to the society by sharing knowledge. Also, everyone likes a bit of that storytelling. But it was very difficult to publish anything and share across the globe, about a decade ago, at least till the advent of internet. Only very talented ones or established could publish books, write in journals, news papers and magazines. Now, this push button publishing has brought revolution on this planet, people have become much more expressive and there is so much of information and knowledge available on anything and everything one wants.

I have also lived life for a little over five decades now, though only the count tells me that and reminds me about the years, at heart I am still 18; I am still the same who was full of energy in college days. How the days and years have gone past… only time knows …

I have been extremely lucky … I could follow my heart and soul’s voice … live life on my own terms; thanks to my father. And could dabble with all those things easily for which others have to make a tough effort and struggle hard. I have experimented and tasted most of whatever I wanted.

I have no targets to achieve, I am not in a rush … I have only one aim and mission – ENJOY LIFE … its one life … never again …

I also had two flagship websites, one for myself and the other about snakes. Sadly, over a year ago were `assassinated’ by smart hackers. I could not believe living without a website for more than an hour and it has been over  a year now. Recently, a dear friend Sinu S Kumar from Kerala has extracted my data.

Hereafter, all my views and expressions shall be here on this Blog only; I have false sense of security that Blogs don’t get hacked. As long it’s here I am happy to share what I feel could help me reach people and share what could both ways …

Though I am lucky to get occasional opportunities to share my knowledge and views through lectures at various public places i.e. educational institutes, defence establishments, special interest forums (wildlife, photography), etc.

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